Run Your Processes With A Click

Track Your Processes

Reduce Process Overhead, Increase Productivity


Automating your organization's processes is as easy as connecting a couple dots.


Turn paper flowcharts into real work applications. Creating an executable workflow is as easy as dragging and dropping actions to create a flowchart.


Run your workflows with a click of a button. The correct people get their tasks when they are encountered. Easily see graphical representations of current and past processes.


Every action in the process is recorded for historical records and process optimization.

See it in action (muted)


Order and clarity

Taskflow brings clarity into to organizations by facilitating a free flow of information, which is visible to everyone.

Track your organization

Tired of running around your organization, sending emails to people to figure out a project status? With Taskflow anyone can quickly search for a process and see a graphical representation of its progress.

Customize your processes

For most software your organization uses, you must conform to how it does things. However, with Taskflow you tell the software how to conform to your organization. Taskflow runs on how you design your organization's flow charts.